The Doctor Viviana Method™ for Intimate Reconnection is a 6-Week program for couples in need of creating/enhancing emotional and physical intimacy. It is the culmination of over a decade of fine-tuning how to address the needs of each of the partners in a relationship who have sexual desire and emotional expression discrepancies. This is perhaps the most difficult issue for sex and relationship therapists to address and it is now available for your immediate use. 

The exercises are direct yet conscientious. The program contains exercises ranging from affectionate to sexual and emotional exercises ranging from friendly to vulnerable. Participants have shared that the effects are immediate and the benefits are long-lasting.

Hi, I’m Dr. Viviana Coles

I am a Doctor of Marriage and Family Therapy and Certified Sex Therapist. My therapeutic approach is brief and solution-oriented, meaning that while I do recognize the importance of how my clients' problems have come about I place a higher value on offering my clients new and fresh solutions. Since 2003, I have exclusively focused on my work with couples and individuals experiencing personal and relationship difficulties, usually revolving around physical and sexual intimacy. I have built a thriving private practice providing relationship therapy, sex therapy and premarital counseling. I have systematized the programs that I offer in my office in order to help a broader clientele. My hope is that couples who are motivated to make changes but who are unable to receive my help in office will work my programs from the comfort of their own homes. I will make myself available to these online clients in the same way I do my in-office clients.

Offline, Dr. Viviana Coles is President and Lead Psychotherapist at Houston Relationship Therapy. She is also President at the Texas Sex Therapy Institute, a Sex Therapy Certification program for mental health professionals. She is also a featured expert on Lifetime's hit relationship show "Married at First Sight." 

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Self-Led Program for 2

Perfect for the couple who is motivated to make positive changes in their relationship!



One-on-One help from Dr. Viviana

Don't want to go it alone? Get help from the creator of this couples program each step of the way. Dr. Viviana Coles will schedule 6 check-ins together with you and your partner for 15-minutes to discuss your progress and help you along the way. (Any additional check-ins will be at her usual hourly rate which can be found at